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Our dental treatments include:


Better dental health starts with a regular check-up
Dental problems are always easier to deal with sooner rather than later. That’s why we’ll regularly ask you to visit our Bristol dental surgery for a check-up. We’ll check your teeth and gums are healthy, discuss any problems you might be having and ensure that, if there is anything that needs urgent attention, you get it fast.

Scale and Polish

For whiter, tartar-free teeth
Tartar is the yellow/brownish hard to shift material that builds up on your teeth over time. Regular, careful brushing and flossing can help prevent the accumulation of tartar, but a scale and polish at our Bristol dental practice can remove any tartar that has already built up.

Amalgam Fillings

Repairing the damage of tooth decay
Regular brushing – and regular visits to your Bristol dentist – can help keep tooth decay at bay, but if tooth decay does cause damage to your teeth a filling could be the simplest way to fix things.

Amalgam fillings are the silver/metal fillings most commonly used in NHS treatments, but alternatives are available (see below).

White Fillings

The fillings no one else can see
White fillings are available as part of your private dental treatment and can be available for NHS patients in some instances (for example when the filling is required in the front teeth).

Root Canal Treatments

Protection against the infection that leads to tooth loss
At the heart of every tooth is a root. When the blood or nerve supply to that root becomes infected the result can be the loss of the tooth. Root canal treatments at our Bristol dental surgery involve removing the infection, filling the root canal, then sealing the tooth to ensure it can’t become infected again. It’s a process that usually takes two or three visits.

Tooth Extractions

Crowded mouth?
If a damaged or decayed tooth can’t be repaired – or if your mouth is simply too crowded – we’ll carry out an extraction. We’ll usually do this at our Bristol dental practice using a local anaesthetic, but if the extraction may prove more complex (eg because of the way the tooth is lying) we may refer you for extraction at your local hospital.

Metal Crowns

For a stronger, longer lasting crown
A crown is a cap that sits over a real tooth to protect it from further damage. We have a range of crowns available (including ceramic/porcelain) but for back teeth that need to you may find a metal crown provides greater strength and durability.


The clever halfway house between a filling and a crown
Inlays are bonded and moulded to back teeth where the damage may include some fracturing, but isn’t enough to require a crown. Inlays, which can be composite, are proving more and more popular as they can match the colour of your teeth.

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