Meet the Dentists

Dr Reza Ardalan
Dr Reza Ardalan
GDC number – 77838

Reza is one of Lodge Causeway’s three partners. He oversees the running of the business but the majority of his time is still spent at the dentist’s chair, working with NHS and private patients and administering specialist services and treatments including dental implants, Botox and Restylane. He says working with his patients remains the most rewarding part of his job.

“I treat people who sometimes haven’t visited a dentists for years – and we make it easier for them to step through the door. And I treat people who have spent years altering the way they smile (or trying not to smile at all) to hide problems we can easily resolve. It’s a great thing to see our patients able to smile again. It puts a smile on our faces too.”

As a senior partner, Reza is clear about the sort of customer experience he and his team are working to create. “We want to be a dental surgery in Bristol that doesn’t feel like a traditional dentist of old. People choose us because they feel in safe hands. They choose us for our skill and the expert treatments we provide, but also because we’re approachable and friendly. We’re just trying to make going to the dentist in Bristol a happier, more relaxed experience.”

In his spare time Reza loves being with his family, and enjoys football.

Dr Asaad Emami
GDC number – 77705

“Big, beautiful smiles – that’s what I like best about my job,” says Asaad, who has been a dentist with Lodge Causeway Dental Centre since 2004. “Dental pain is horrible. If you’ve had it you’ll know how desperate you are to get rid of it. So being the person who’s able to take that pain away is a pretty good feeling.”

Asaad carries out a complete range of dentistry work for his Bristol patients, and particularly enjoys cosmetic work. He knows why his (and every other Lodge Causeway dentist’s) appointment book is so busy.

“I’m proud to say it’s word of mouth,” he says. You don’t change your dentist very often. When you do you want to make the right choice. And when you ask local people which Bristol dentists they recommend, Lodge Causeway tends to crop up rather a lot!”

Mr Morteza Kanani
GDC number – 74028 
Mrs Yawa Ofori
GDC NUMBER – 83047
Mrs Galina Anastassova
GDC NUMBER – 135794



Mr Tinashe Nhova

GDC NUMBER – 244846

Mr Joe Gallagher

GDC NUMBER – 284122

Meet the Hygienist



Miss Louise Byrne

GDC NUMBER – 290575

Meet the Management 


Emma Steele - Dental Practice Manager
Mrs. Emma Steele
GDC number: 150901

Emma joined Lodge Causeway Dental Centre in 2005. Qualifying as a dental nurse in 2007, she has since continued to expand her knowledge, completing an advanced course in Straumann Dental Implants, and being awarded a diploma in primary health care management in 2012.

In 2008 Emma became our practice manager. It’s a role she loves.

“I manage the whole team at Lodge Causeway Dental Centre,” she says. “I handle the paperwork and reports, arrange servicing, keep our policies up to date and ensure everyone here stays up to date with their continued professional development.

“I think it’s the variety that makes every day fly by. Not knowing what each day’s challenges will be – but knowing there’ll be plenty of them – keeps you on your toes. I like problem solving. And I love being able to look back on a day and know that we’ve made a difference to our patients, and that we’ve improved the practice in some way.”

Emma knows her patients could choose to visit lots of dentists in Bristol. So why do they choose Lodge Causeway? “I think it’s because we’re friendly, efficient and thorough. What’s more, we can usually find an appointment time to suit you without a lengthy wait. I think that makes a difference, because appointment availability has traditionally been an issue amongst Bristol dental practices. We’re working hard to change that.

When she’s not at the practice, you’ll find Emma on horseback or with her family. 

Katherine Barnes - Assistant Manager
Miss Katherine Barnes
GDC number: 139506

“I enjoy being involved in good patient care,” says Katherine, when asked why she’s been with Lodge Causeway Dental Centre for over 10 years.

“I started as a trainee dental nurse in 2003, took the national examination in 2005 to qualify as a registered dental nurse, and then in 2011 I became assistant manager.

“I’ve always enjoyed being part of the team here – during my time I’ve worked with lots of the dentists, and I love the friendly atmosphere we’ve built up. I think that to anyone choosing us as their Bristol dental practice they’ll notice the friendliness and the desire to help straightaway, but that welcome and approachability is backed up by lots of dental skill, experience and a commitment to the best standards of practice and hygiene.”

Katherine continues to develop her skills and is one of Lodge Causeway’s trained first aiders. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Meet the Nurses and Receptionists

Monika Muszynska - Dental Nurse
Mrs Monika Muszynska
head dental nurse/RECEPTIONIST - GDC number: 253848

“I’ve had the pleasure of working at Lodge Causeway Dental Centre since January 2009,” says Monika, who loves working in a job where she gets to help and support people every day.

Monika completed her dental nurse training whilst working at Lodge Causeway. Now fully qualified, she believes she has found the right Bristol dentist to help her achieve her ambitions. “I think you need to work with a smile on your face – there’s a very good atmosphere here that makes it easy to do that. I think that’s just one of the reasons Bristol dental patients choose Lodge Causeway. Since 2013 she has been enjoying her role as Head Dental Nurse at the practice.

“When you are choosing a new dentist you have to feel that you can trust them. Our patients come to us following recommendations from friends and family who trust us. And once they’ve had their first appointment with us, they don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Monika’s a working mum and spends her free time with her family.

Natasha Randall - Dental Nurse
Miss Natasha Randall
dental nurse - GDC number: 245665

As a dental nurse Natasha (Tasha) is responsible for setting up the surgery ready for your visit. She makes sure the dentist has everything he/she needs for your appointment, and keeps you comfortable throughout treatment, which is just one of the things she loves about her job.

“I think the fact we all have such a great working relationship shows. It helps puts patients at ease and that always makes treatment run more smoothly. That’s especially important with patients who maybe haven’t visited a dentist in Bristol for a long time. We’re pretty good at helping them forget why they were ever worried!”

Tasha has worked at Lodge Causeway Dental Centre since 2009. She’s a qualified dental nurse, although you’ll also see her on the front desk greeting visitors and taking patient appointments

Miss Chloe Richards
 Miss Ka Man Chiu
Miss Claudia Ciobanu
Miss Ashton Morris
Miss Chloe Roberts
QUALIFIED DENTAL NURSE - Gdc number: 293224

Miss Winifred Brabham

Miss Angel Churchill
Miss Kelly Cepek
Miss Kelly Cepek
Miss Hannah Cooke
Miss Daniella Regan

Miss Kimberley Skinner

our registered dental team adhere to the gdc's "standards for the dental team"
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